UPDATE: Report: Dead Rising 3 will also launch on Xbox 360

UPDATE 2: Here’s what a Microsoft rep said in an email:

“Dead Rising 3” will launch exclusively for Xbox One on Nov. 22. We have no plans to release the game on Xbox 360.

UPDATE: Microsoft’s Major Nelson just debunked what our guy on the floor heard by saying:

Reports from #eurogamer that Dead Rising 3 will launch on Xbox 360 are false. It’s an Xbox One exclusive – no plans for 360

We’ll clarify with the dev doing the presentation, as well as our people at Eurogamer at what really happened.

Original Story:

Up until now, we thought that Dead Rising 3 would be an Xbox One-exclusive game that would see the light of day when the Xbox One launches later this fall. Well, over at Eurogamer Expo, it looks like that assumption has been completely debunked.

During a Dead Rising 3 presentation, we have confirmed that Dead Rising 3 will also launch on the Xbox 360. We still don’t know when that will be, and while we’re attempting to get some form of confirmation, we will keep you updated with the latest from Eurogamer Expo.