David Jaffe to work on crowd-funded “Autoduel”, but it is not the game his company is working on

While David Jaffe will be creative director over at Pixelbionic for its Kickstarter-funded title, Autoduel, that is not the game his new company is working on:

To provide context, Autoduel will be an online multiplayer vehicular combat game that will have players do battle against one another in modified vehicles. Modifications include everything from drivetrain to suspension to “a broad array of powerful weapons and protective armor.”

Players will have more than 20 vehicle choices to choose from, with players having the ability to cosmetically modify them, such as applying a different paint job or sticking some decals.

Autoduel is RPG-influenced, and as a result, there will be RPG-influenced progression as players take part in different combat scenarios. Autoduel is being developed for Windows PC.

As for his new game, what do you expect it will be?