Dark Souls 2 PS3 beta test rescheduled in North and South America due to server issues

A Dark Souls 2 network test was supposed to have taken place earlier this morning for North and South American players, but due to players having problems logging onto servers, Namco Bandai cancelled the beta test.

Fortunately, Namco Bandai America sent a tweet out, saying that it will reschedule the network test for another day. “We thoroughly apologize for all the confusion and issues,” reads the tweet. “We will be rescheduling the Network Test for another date.”

“We know this is quite disheartening and we thank everyone for their enthusiasm. Everyone who was in this test will be allowed in for the next Dark Souls 2 PS3 Network. Your spot is secured.”

Namco Bandai America confirmed that the client players downloaded for the network test will be compatible, but they will need to download a patch that will be made available. While no exact date as to when the network test will take place, Namco Bandai America said it should know more sometime this week.