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CNN have compiled a list of reasons why Sony’s PlayStation 4 will “crush the competition”. With the PS4 being an…

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CNN have compiled a list of reasons why Sony’s PlayStation 4 will “crush the competition”. With the PS4 being an impressive bit of tech, they had plenty of awesome features to choose from.

1. The Price

The $400 price point will go a long way when it comes to gamers’ wallets. You can pick up an extra controller and launch title before hitting the Xbox One price point.

2. The Brand

Sales of the original PlayStation surpassed 102 million units and the PlayStation 2, which just ended its production run this year, has an installed base of over 150 million consoles. Sony has sold over 77 million PS3s and counting … The bottom line is everyone knows the PlayStation brand, and that goes a long way in reaching the more mainstream consumer.

3. The Power

Developers at E3 said Sony’s console features roughly 40% more processing power. If that holds true, third party games like Activision’s Call of Duty Ghosts and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will look better on PS4 when put side-by-side with Xbox One this fall. Coupled with the ease of use developers are having programming for the PS4, Sony should have a great collection of standout games at launch like Driveclub and Killzone War Zone.

4. The Developers

Two of the highest-rated Metacritic game franchises of all time, Uncharted and The Last of Us, come from developer Naughty Dog. The [Sony-owned] studio recently made the successful transition from Teen-rated Indiana Jones-style action in Uncharted 3 to Mature-rated intense post-apocalyptic thrills in The Last of Us.

5. The indies

With the rise of mobile gaming, there’s a huge new audience of gamers who are gobbling up smaller, indie-developed games … Sony is winning over game developers with PS4, embracing indies to the point of featuring them on stage at its E3 press conference alongside its big budget exclusives. Yes, Microsoft offers indie games, but developers are flocking to Sony because the company is treating them better.

CNN’s choices provide a good overview of the PlayStation 4′s standout features, but of course there are many more great things to say about the system.

The Xbox One is another impressive looking next-gen console, which also promises to bring new and exciting features to gamers. CNN also wrote a “5 reasons the Xbox One will dominate” piece, which can be read here.

What do you think of CNN’s choices? What are your standout PS4 features?

Thanks, NeoGAF

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