CDPR doesn’t see any major power difference between PS4 and Xbox One; PS4 “a little more complicated”

Polish developer CD Projekt RED doesn’t see a noticeable difference in the power between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. “I don’t see a major power difference. The memory is very different but I already said that before. Pure computation power, if you just measure that, there’s no major difference,” lead engine programmer Balázs Török said in an interview with Eurogamer.

In its history, CDPR has extensive experience working with DirectX on both Windows and the Xbox platform. This makes development on the Xbox One fairly simple according to Török, saying “The Xbox One is pretty easy to understand because not just the hardware is similar to the PC, but everything like the SDK, the API is really similar to what you would find on a PC. On PS4 this is a little bit more complicated, but I personally worked on PS3 before.

“Both new consoles are like PCs anyway,”  he added. “It won’t be until teams really delve into low-level optimizations that the true grunt of each will come out.”