Call of Duty Ghosts: Activision will not reset stats boosted by hackers, claims there’s “nothing” they can do

Have you been playing Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer extensively since it got released? If so, you might have noticed that more than a few people are once again hacking in a Call of Duty game — a shocker, I know.

Unfortunately, it seems these people aren’t just hacking their own stats, but those around them, too.

While this might mean that you’ll rank up way, way faster than intended, leveling up is part of the fun, right? And unless you’re a cheater, progressing and ranking up by your own skill is better than being given added boosts just because someone thought it was a good idea. Not even mentioning how you can get banned when someone reports you as a cheater since they have no clue someone else boosted your stats.

So, what is Activision doing about this? Aside from banning hackers, nothing much when it comes to your stats, it seems. In a post on Activision’s Support, it mentions that they (Activision) can’t reset your stats and states that if your stats are boosted by a hacker there is “nothing” they can do.

If your stats are boosted by a hacker there is nothing we can do. Activision will not reset your stats. Please note that knowingly entering a hacked server may be grounds for a ban. To avoid this, make sure you do not accept game invites from people you do not know or trust.

For now, you’ll have to take your high-level boosted stats and like it — at least until if and when Infinity Ward comes up with a fix.

Has anyone encountered this? How many levels did your character progress in one match?