Bohemia: No plans for console version of Arma 3, porting it directly “would not do it justice”

For first-person shooter fans hoping for a next-gen version of Arma 3, you’re out of luck, as Bohemia has confirmed that there are “no plans” to bring the uber-realistic shooter to consoles…at least not yet.

In an exclusive interview set to be published later this week, Project Lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land has confirmed that Arma 3 is not being developed for current or next-gen consoles. He also adds that straight up porting the game would “not do it justice.”

We do not have such plans for Arma 3, no. The design of the game is part of the reason. Arma 3 was designed for the PC and porting it directly would not do it justice. Any potential future Arma experience on a console would need to be designed with those platforms in mind from the beginning.

Well, that dashes hopes for a PS4/Xbox One version; and it’s not like they’re saying “never,” either, too.

For more on Arma 3 news, make sure to read our snippet yesterday where Bohemia has said that they’re willing to explore Oculus Rift support for Arma 3.

Were you hoping for Arma 3 on consoles or it wouldn’t even have worked even if it was ported?