BioWare once planned an “Exalted March” DLC for Dragon Age II, felt it was “more important” to move to new tech

It has been revealed by the cinematic director on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Jonathan Perry, that they did have an “Exalted March” planned for Dragon Age II but they thought that it would be best to move across to new technology instead.

Perry revealed the idea for the DLC in a recent interview with Xbox 360 Achievements which touched on various different subjects such as the timeline and riding dragons.

There are going to be a lot of new and returning characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition and so Perry was asked whether or not there had been any arguments about which characters they should be bringing back into the game.

Not that I was privy to, no. I think there were a few fan favourites that we wanted to come back. A lot of that was kind of driven by the writers, so it’s possible that they had some arguments, because there are a lot of really passionate fans, and every follower has a group of people that really want to see them again. We try to accommodate that as much as possible.

He then went on to explain about the DLC that they never released, saying that didn’t want to release it because it was “important” to move on to new technology.

We had at one point planned a DLC for Dragon Age II called ‘Exalted March’ that we ended up not doing because we felt it was important to go ahead and switch over to new technology to really start focusing on Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Some of the characters that are returning are ones we’d planned to bring back for that DLC, so we really wanted to bring them back for Inquisition.

Which characters would you like to see return from previous games and would you liked to have seen what they had in store for the “Exalted March” DLC that was unfortunately never to be? Let us know!