BioWare “doesn’t regret” moving to Frostbite 3 from Unreal Engine

As is already well known, games in development over at the BioWare offices are being developed on DICE’s official Frostbite 3 engine. EA has provided a formidable rendering engine for its studios to work with, joining the ranks of heavy hitters like CryEngine and Unreal Engine.

Yesterday on Twitter, Aaryn Flynn, who is general manager at BioWare Edmonton and Montreal commented on the transition from the previous Unreal Engine 3 utilized in the Mass Effect series of games to Frostbite 3. BioWare, among other studios currently working under publisher EA, were attending a developer summit with presentations and discussions involving the tech behind Frostbite 3. The transcripts are below:

We’ve already seen the Frostbite 3 engine put to gorgeous use in Battlefield 4, and frankly, picturing a next generation Mass Effect game properly using it has me personally salivating.