BioWare co-founder “can understand completely” why fans were disappointed with Mass Effect 3′s ending

By now, it’s no secret that more than a few people didn’t like how BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 ended. It even got to the point that the studio had to release free content that expanded on it just so people will drop complaining about it.

In saying that, so what does former BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk think of all the ruckus? Surprisingly, he says (via IGN) he “can understand completely” why fans were disappointed.

The passion and level of engagement was so high that it makes it very hard to solve every scenario you wanted to solve at the end of it…I always still sincerely think it’s because [the fans] really really care about what we make. It’s not random. It’s like, they may be disappointed when they can’t get the choice they want because they’re so intimate with their story or their character or their game. If it’s not just the way they want it, it’s not right. So it’s a very hard thing to reconcile, but the reality is, I can understand completely where it can come from.

Dr. Zeschuk is, of course, no longer with BioWare or even in the games industry and has since moved on to create a web series about independent brewers called “The Beer Diaries.”

Do you agree with “Dr. Zee’s” statement or did BioWare just drop the ball on ME3′s ending? For those who didn’t like the ending, at least you have the comfort of knowing that one of BioWare’s founders “understands” where you’re coming from, right?