BF4 “Geo-leaderboards” will be 100% “opt-in,” users can choose their location & who can see it

Yesterday, DICE released a video showing off the new Battlelog for Battlefield 4.

One of the major additions to the stat-tracking service will be the inclusion of a “Geo-leaderboard,” which EA claims, “will allow players to not only compete with everyone in the Battlefield community, but with people in their city, in their country or on their continent. This is a great way for gamers to rank up while making new friends, or even adversaries, on the battlefield.”

While this sounds like a great feature to entice players to be the best in their respective areas, some users fear that this will compromise their privacy. Well, fear not as DICE has confirmed that Geo-leaderboards will be “100% opt-in,” and players can toggle where their shown location is and who can view it.

This is certainly good news, especially for those who are getting enough grief from Battlelog alone.

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