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If you’re like me, chances are you use a different loadout for each class depending on the map and what…

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If you’re like me, chances are you use a different loadout for each class depending on the map and what the match dictates when playing Battlefield 3 So, if you’re in Operation Metro, odds are good that the gun for your scope won’t be for long range like you’d equip in a map like Caspian Border, right?

Sadly, this oft-requested feature also won’t be available in Battlefield 4 — at least for launch, anyway.

Over on Reddit, user FEARProductions shared this statement with everyone and fortunately for him, someone from DICE responded!

According to Battlelog developer DarkLord7854, this feature isn’t as easy to implement as it sounds. However, he does add that they’re working on a “way around it” but adds that it won’t be available at launch, there’s no ETA (Estimate Time of Arrival) and “no promises.”

The problem with this is mainly has to do with the way a soldier’s Loadout is saved. The entire Loadout, including all gun attachments, and vehicle setups, are stored as one big configuration.

So we could let you save multiple Loadouts, but every time you load it, you’ll overwrite everything with it, including every single gun attachment and all your vehicle settings.

This makes it a bit impractical and extremely confusing.

I’ve been working on a way around this for Battlelog and making sure it’s very accessible and easy to use (while remaining powerful), but it won’t be reflected in-game in terms of telling you what Loadout Preset you selected as the game won’t know the difference.

However, it is very challenging to present in a good way, so progress is pretty slow and arduous, it definitely won’t be available on day 1, and no ETA (though hopefully it will eventually be released.. who knows though), so, no promises, etc.

Additionally, the Battlelog developer admits that doing this would be a pretty “massive fundamental” change and would require “an extensive amount of work.”

It would actually be a pretty massive fundamental change on a few levels both in the game and in the backend systems and require an extensive amount of work.

When asked by another Reddit user if we can have loadouts stored locally machine, DarkLord7854 responded, “the game doesn’t know anything about multiple Loadouts,”

No, the game doesn’t know anything about multiple Loadouts, it just knows it has 1 Loadout configuration and that’s all it reads/edits and all it cares about.

The interface to have multiple Loadouts or presets of any kind would purely be on Battlelog’s end.

So, there you have it, Battlefield fans. We still need to fiddle with each weapon, equipment, attachment and whatnot for every map and game mode just like BF3. Hopefully DICE can somehow find a way to put preset loadouts in; since in a game like Battlefield, every second counts and wasting a few seconds just to take out your grenade launcher for your med pack could mean the difference between taking over an objective, or failing.

Don’t forget, the BF4 Beta pre-load for PC is well underway and those with early access can play the beta client tomorrow starting at 4 a.m. EST!

Speaking of the BF4 Beta, DICE has confirmed that beta players won’t be able to try out the Commander Mode, so stow away your tablets for the meantime.

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