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Hey Pixel Nation, Alex here with another round of Battlefield 4 news. Today, we got word that all customers who…

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Hey Pixel Nation,

Alex here with another round of Battlefield 4 news.

Today, we got word that all customers who pre-order Battlefield 4 will receive a “premium expansion pack.” The said contents of this pack have not yet been disclosed.

However, if you pre-order the game on the PC (the rightful place to play Battlefield) via Origin, you will not only be receiving the premium expansion pack, but access to the Battlefield 4 Beta as well. But wait, there’s more! Call within the next 30 min….just kidding; but if you do pre-order the game for PC, you will also have access to some rather vague ‘bonus in-game content’. Interesting.

Battlefield 4 will be releasing on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 this Autumn. We reported earlier that EA and DICE were looking at a potential September release date for the game, though we got word from EA that any date announced is purely speculative as of now.

We also got a report (via NewGaf) from Dutch site, Gamersnet that Battlefield 4 will not be releasing with any co-op modes.

The website interviewed Lars Gustavsson, the creative director at DICE the other day. In this interview Lars revealed that Battlefield 4 will indeed not have a cooperative mode. The studio said they have chosen to do this because they wanted to focus on a single player which (hopefully) you will become emotionally involved with, as well as their robust multiplayer modes.

I for one don’t mind too much that Battlefield 4 won’t have any co-op modes, especially if this means we get a better single player experience than the one in Battlefield 3…yuck. I just hope EA/DICE do not come out post-launch and offer it to players as paid DLC. That would really bug me.

Remember, Pixel Enemy is the number one site for everything Battlefield 4. If you have not done so yet, go and watch the official trailer for the game…it has a lot of Rihanna. You can also check out a whopping 17 minutes of gameplay footage here.

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Sources: EA

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