Battlefield 4: Two different “flight ceilings” for jets and choppers confirmed. choppers won’t be able to “orbit camp”

For those who are fans of Battlefield 3, one the most annoying things in the game is when a skilled pilot took a chopper waaaay out into the sky and used the Zoom Optics spec to take out enemies at a distance, with no chance of being shot down.

Fortunately, DICE knows about this little balance flaw and has confirmed they’re including two “flight ceilings” in Battlefield 4 and that “orbit camping” won’t be an option for those thinking of exploiting it for easy kills.

This was confirmed byLead Core Gameplay Designer for BF4 Alan Kertz on Twitter (via NeoGAF); where he mentions it’s “fixed” and choppers won’t be able to orbit camp anymore.


Additionally, Kertz (Demize99) also added that for BF4, chopper pilots will need skill and won’t be able to kill someone from 800m away.

Orbit helicopters are no fun. Orbit helicopters shoot someone. From like 800m away. Fixing that for the next game. Choppers need skill.

I’m honestly thankful this is happening. Hopefully, this won’t be the only nerf coming to BF4. Not sure if it’s just me, but jet pilots with enough skill can regularly avoid rockets and other projectiles even when “painted” just by zig-zagging through the map; which in turn, makes them way too overpowered.

What issue would you want DICE to fix with BF4 that they got wrong in BF3? Let us know in the comments and who knows? Maybe your issue has a solution one of the Pixel Nation knows about.

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