Battlefield 4 TV advert appears, shows lots of explosions and ATV sky diving

We aren’t very far away from the release of Battlefield 4 now, only two weeks in fact, and today is the last day of the open beta as well. That does however mean that the TV adverts will start appearing for the game.

The trailer showcases all the awesome “only in Battlefield” moments that we have come to expect from the series and it is clear to see that Battlefield 4 will be no different at all. The trailer shows off plenty of explosions, levolution, destruction and sky-diving ATV.

All the footage appears to be mostly from Siege of Shanghai and Paracel Storm, giving us a glimpse at the falling skyscraper, dynamic weather and a huge ship crashing into the land. This is pretty much footage that we have seen quite a few times before, but it makes the game look awesome none-the-less.

Have you got the game on pre-order, and if so, for what console? I still need to pre-order yet but it shall definitely be the PC version for me!

Thanks, AllGamesBeta!