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If you’re a PC gamer and a Battlefield fan, there’s some good news if you are looking to upgrade your…

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If you’re a PC gamer and a Battlefield fan, there’s some good news if you are looking to upgrade your GPU in the near future. Roy Taylor, AMD corporate vice president of global channel sales, said in an interview with Heise.de that the upcoming DICE release will be bundled with AMD graphics cards in a similar way to the “Never Settle Reloaded” campaign that packaged the HD 7900 and HD 7800 series cards with Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

Answering a question by Heise.de about the rumour that Battlefield 4 might ship with AMD GPUs, Taylor replied,

This is not official yet. But it was presented at the Game Developers Conference, and the AMD Gaming Evolved logo already appeared online in connection with the game on. Your readers can expect that Battlefield will be part of [upcoming] Never Settle bundles.

AMD_Radeon_7990_Nekechuck_2It’s difficult to know whether AMD is afraid of the new NVIDIA Titan or trying to get a jump on the competition with these gimmicky bundle sales. PC Perspective recently commented on this little competition between GPU houses saying,

NVIDIA has definitely fallen behind when it comes to these kinds of deals for PC gamers…we heard from AMD that at least one major reseller of PC hardware saw an “order of magnitude” increase in sales during the holiday season with the original Never Settle bundle and they even won a Newegg award for best marketing campaign.

It isn’t totally true that NVIDIA has fallen behind with bundles sales, but they certainly are marching to their own drum. Recently NVIDIA packaged some of their 600-series cards with some F2P titles like World of Tanks, Hawken and Planetside 2, and quietly, they have always been on the front lines supporting the latest titles mentioned above with Beta drivers for their cards – almost always releasing drivers on launch day.

nvidia-vs-amdGiven that the cards we’re talking about here are working on last year’s architecture, we probably won’t be seeing Battlefield 4 shipping with anything current and will almost certainly see it bundled with AMD’s 8000-series GPUs which are slated to launch later this year.

How about you Pixel Nation? Do the bundle sales of solid GPUs with AAA game titles make you choose one card over another?

Let us know in the comments below.

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