Battlefield 4 teaser trailer to be unveiled this week for BF3 Premium members, will include a special dog tag – Rumor

Just a few hours ago, we posted a rumor about Battlefield 4′s box art description and the assumption that Battlefield 3′s Premium Video for March is almost a sure-bet will be for a BF4 reveal.

Now, another Battlefield fan site, BF4Central, has mentioned that not only will March’s BF3 Premium video be about Battlefield 4, but watching it will supposedly get you a special dog tag, too!

The “I Was There” dog tag was found in Battlelog’s database and seems to be a “reward” of some sort for being the first few people in the world to watch Battlefield 4′s reveal.

Here’s an image of the dog tag:

Don’t forget, EA is sending out invites to this year’s GDC with the Battlefield color scheme. So chances are, the proper reveal will be done then. Regardless though, if you’re a BF3 Premium member, it wouldn’t hurt to keep on checking your Battlelog page for any updates.

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor, but one that’s gaining more and more steam.

What would you want to see in Battlefield 4′s teaser trailer? Here’s to hoping it’s more than just a logo.

Thanks, NeoGAF