Battlefield 4 “Second Assault” DLC maps revealed, might implement “Levolution” — Rumor

It looks like there have been some rather strange choices for the Second Assault DLC maps in Battlefield 4, all of which were plucked from fan-favourites from the previous game and remade with Frostbite 3.

Judging by a few screenshots, it will include Firestorm, Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman and Caspian Border. I can’t say these were particularly interesting maps to play in Battlefield 3 but apparently that is what we are getting.

Caspian Border:
Operation Firestorm:
Operation Metro:
Gulf of Oman:
They also seem to have been updated to include some form of Levolution, since judging by the screenshots below of Operation Metro, there are some temporary pillars that aren’t normally there, and then someone gets violently squished by the ceiling a bit later.

Operation Metro:

The P.E. Perspective:

Since the screens from the trailer looks to be dead giveaways, it wouldn’t surprise us if these four are the Second Assault maps. Operation Metro and Caspian Border are sure to be there, since they are fan-favorites, but is Oman and Firestorm really that popular? I guess we’ll know more in the coming months.