Battlefield 4 Premium calendar revealed

Our first glimpse of the Battlefield 4 Premiumrelease schedule/calendar has been revealed! Showing off the one confirmed expansion pack, China Rising, set for a December release and lots of other little things as well.

Premium members will be getting their hands on China Rising in December, and to fill the gaps there will be some golden battlepacks each month and some unique dog tags and camo. There are also some symbols which are a star with the premium logo in the middle, perhaps a double XP event? The last unknown is a knife symbol, perhaps this could mean we get some fancy new knives every other month, or maybe it signifies a weapon drop in general?

Bare in mind that this calendar is obviously not the final thing as there is more DLC to come other than China Rising – I’m interested to find out what some of not-so-obvious symbols mean though. I know they said we’d get weekly updates, but it looks like you’ll be getting some bigger monthly content drops as well.

Thanks, @DeLucaFTW