Battlefield 4 pre-gamescom news roundup — Get all the facts in one place

With DICE set to storm Germany with new Battlefield 4 info, we thought it best to collect all the info we know so far, and have it delivered to you in one handy video.

Made by Pixel Enemy producer MattTheMuskteer, he talks about the leaked info from the Russian Battlefield forums and how a DICE developer accidentally confirmed dynamic weather will be in BF4.

In addition to that, he goes over the new vehicles confirmed for the game along with images, to boot. This is just a few of the details he talks about in the video, so best to watch the six-minute clip and get a “refresher” of BF4 news just in time for tomorrow’s EA press conference where they’ll show off BF4once more.

In related BF4 news, we reported earlier today the alleged names of BF4′s upcoming expansions and even a peek at tomorrow’s yet-to-be-revealed map.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. EST for our EA gamescom live-stream to watch the latest in BF4 as it happens.