Battlefield 4: Players to queue into a server for Commander role, can be removed by “mutiny votes”

For Battlefield fans, one of the best news to come out of this year’s E3 in terms of news is the reveal that Commander mode will once again be making a return in Battlefield 4.

But just how will a Commander be chosen from the glut of 64 players? It turns out, it won’t be based on rank, but rather, players will need to “queue” into a server as a Commander and wait for the opening.

In case you didn’t know, the Commander won’t take up a slot in Battlefield 4′s player pool, so 32 on 32 will remain at the figure even if you add in one Commander for each faction.

Okay, let’s say your team has a Commander in place but they’re really crappy at it or basically not doing anything useful, what then? Fortunately, it will work just like Battlefield 2 wherein team members can remove their Commander via ”mutiny vote.” Mutiny can be instigated by the team’s squad leaders.

There you have it, Battlefield fans. Commander mode won’t be decided by rank, and you can vote out inefficient Commanders, too!

Would you take the mantle of Commander in Battlefield 4 or would you rather be in the frontlines straight away?

Thanks, NeoGAF!