Battlefield 4: Players not allowed to revive teammates after being killed by a knife, gameplay designer confirms

If you ask a random Battlefield player what they hate the most when playing with a team full of Medics, more likely than not, their response is they hate that most Medics “Rambo Revive.”

This has been a term used for players who revive their fallen teammates in a haphazard fashion just to score a few points. It’s gotten so bad to some that DICE is implementing a defibrillator charge time in Battlefield 4 to stop people from doing it repeatedly like in BF3.

Well, it seems another new gameplay tweak to BF4 should further lessen the impact of “Medic trains.” DICE Lead Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz has confirmed that there will be “no revive after knife” in BF4. In short: once you get someone’s tags by knifing them, they stay dead.

Kertz also confirms that this is specific to the knife weapon, so you need to get up close and personal if you want to wipe out a squad full of Medics.

For Battlefield fans, is this good news or should DICE leave things the way they were like in BF3?

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