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For those playing the Battlefield 4 Beta on PCs and current-gen consoles, chances are some of you are waiting on…

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For those playing the Battlefield 4 Beta on PCs and current-gen consoles, chances are some of you are waiting on the next-gen version of the game to “upgrade” as soon as they’re available in order to play the best version of BF4.

However, this recent hands-on BF4 Xbox One by NeoGAF user Timurse from Igromir’s (Game World) business day in Moscow has left us a little worried, I admit.

Detailed below is a rather exhaustive list revealing that the build was “definitely” at 720p, and running at “mostly” 60fps.

On the upside, he did play Domination on a new map (Zavod 311) where everything was unlocked but had no vehicles.

I played it on the business day of Igromir (“Game World” on English) in Moscow.The resolution was definitely 720p, running mostly 60fps.The game looks slightly better than Xbox 360 version of BF3 (I would say 50% better, no where near those videos of Paracel Storm gamescom build). Though textures are a lot better than on X360, some god rays, lots of foliage on the map.It was a new build with Domination on Zavod 311. No vehicles. Though everything is unlocked.For some strange reason player movement speed is VERY limited. It’s like the sprint speed is somehow similar to the walking speed in BF3. I think it was this particular build fault. Cause on X360 the speed is ok.The controller is SO SHITTY I couldn’t even aim properly (and got 55 eagle in X360 version and 20th level in PS3 version). EThe game ran on Xbox One debug kits. I saw one, it was black and I couldn’t make any photo. There wasn’t any local network mode, they used Windows server for the 26 machines.The game supports kinect for voice commands, leaning with your head behind the corners and some other stuff. You can choose the language of voice commands.What might be more worrying for potential Xbox One BF4 buyers is that the Xbox One controller isvery “unergonomical compared” to the Xbox 360, and feels like the DualShock 3.

Here’s the full controller impressions — keep in mind this is just one hands-on and applies to BF4 solely.

The controller is very, very, very unergonomical compared to X360. It’s smaller, the feeling is kind of like you are using a DualShock3.The move distance of sticks is a little bit smaller, than the one in X360. I really thought about PS Vita sticks while playing.Bumpers are totally connected to triggers. There isn’t any piece of plastic (like in DS4) in-between trigger and bumper (clearly seen on video I edited in) so in 30-40% maybe you would miss the trigger and hit the bumper.The vibration is a lot less than on X360.The D-Pad is deepened into controller and it’s really awkward. As in X360, DS3, DS4 it’s slightly above the surface of controller. So while you try to press it on XBO gamepad moving your left thumb down from left stick you hit nothing, then you have to spend a second to find d-pad and actually press it. Really strange.To make things worse, here’s a video highlighting some Xbox One BF4 input lag:

Again, keep in mind that this is not the final build of the game and we can’t vouch what actual build the game was.

For those thinking the controller impressions were biased, the user states, “In order for you to not think that I am biased – I was the biggest basher of DS3 ever and also a huge fun of X360 gamepad :(”

Whatever the real case is, let’s hope the input lag won’t be in the final version of the game.

Will BF4 on Xbox One be stuck at 720p? We’ll know for sure once they’re released this November.

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