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The Battlelog blog got an update recently with some more information about the field upgrades that we will be expecting to see…

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The Battlelog blog got an update recently with some more information about the field upgrades that we will be expecting to see when the game releases.

Solider classes

To kick things off, we’ve got some group shots of each multiplayer faction in the game, which are of course the Chinese, Russian and US armies, with two being available to choose from depending on the map. Or, if you host a server, you’ll be able to choose which factions are available where.

The Chinese squad in Battlefield 4 with a selection of weapons and gear

The Russian squad in Battlefield 4 with a selection of weapons and gear

The US squad in Battlefield 4 with a selection of weapons and gear

DICE have commented that they took the classes from Battlefield 3 as a base, and tweaked them to be more versatile and highly specialized within their own fields. The Engineer now has a lot more variation in anti-vehicle weapons such as the RPG-7V2, MBT LAW and the FGM-172 SRAW).

The Support kit will get more offensive options and will retain the C4 and Claymores from the previous game, as well as being able to use the XM25 to give more indirect suppressive fire, a redesigned remote mortar and the ability to equip carbines and DMRs.

The Recon has gotten a much needed boost in mobility, as well as the return of the Battlefield 2 style Spec Ops play style. You’ll be able to pack a carbine, C4/Claymores and motion sensors and be ready to go. There is also a revamped sniping mechanic with rebalanced sniper rifles, the ability to range (zero) your sights as well as being able to utilize the MAV, T-UGS and a radio beacon to help the team out.

Finally, the Assault kit will still be the front-line of the squad and largely remains unchanged heading into Battlefield 4. There a few minor tweaks with the ability to heal a single soldier with a first aid pack or the ability to use a 40mm flash-bang grenade to clear rooms as you see fit.

Mobility, get a move on soldier!

DICE have tried to bring mobility into all the classes rather than requiring them to sit around all day waiting for something to happen, and they’ve tailored all the kits and gadgets. The gadgets will include things such as a Portable Laser Designator, portable first aid/ammo packs. Battlefield 4 will still retain the previous ones that are very much stationary but it gives the players a lot more choice.

The you can’t shoot for shit award

There are also some improvements coming to the suppression mechanic in the game which is arguably the most talked about feature from Battlefield 3. They have redesigned it based off community feedback and are hopeful that people are pleased with the changes.

They will be increasing the suppression from light machine guns, exclusively for the support kit while others weapons will be less suppressive. They have also made close quarters suppression a lot less to ensure that they are purely on player skill.

The visual affect will be changed and they will be replacing the accuracy penalty from Battlefield 3with a scope sway effect, allowing you the chance to actually hit something rather than hope that you’ll hit something.

Field Upgrades for your soldier and needs

You should all know by now that you’ll be able to pick field upgrades that are set as a path of four upgrades which will unlock in order providing you perform squad actions such as resupplies, repairs and healing. You will be able to track your progress using the “Bro Bar” on your HUD.

This will give more emphasis on the squad aspect of the game, but having your entire squad wiped out will hinder your progress on the upgrade path, setting you back. The lone wolves will also be catered for as the base specialization will always be unlocked and available.

Each of the four playable kits have four paths to choose from, with two  of them being global (offensive and defensive) and the other two being specific to the class that you are currently using.

Offensive Kit – The Offensive kit will start with sprint unlocked and then move onto ammo, more grenades and reduced fall damage.

Defensive Kit – The defensive kit will start with armour, and then move onto cover, flak and “quick regen,” allowing you to recover quicker when you’re out of combat.

As well as these there are the previously mentioned class specific paths, two for each class. The assault will receive unique combat medic and grenadier upgrades whilst the engineer will receive mechanic or anti-tank soldier upgrade paths.

You can change your upgrade path at any time and even carry over the progress from your previous path as well, so level three on offensive will carry over to the defensive upgrade path. The same will apply if you leave your squad and join another one later in the round as well.

There will be 25 upgrades available compared to 7 in Battlefield 3, so there is certainly plenty to choose from this time around. For more information on all the specialization upgrades available to you check out the Battlefield Blog, and don’t forget to vote on what upgrade path you would like to see implemented into the game as well!

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