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UPDATE 2: In a rather interesting turn of events, GameStop has gotten back to us and has refuted the poster’s validity…

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UPDATE 2: In a rather interesting turn of events, GameStop has gotten back to us and has refuted the poster’s validity stating, “our marketing team has confirmed they did not create this piece nor have they seen it before,” which might mean that this is indeed a fake, but the date itself hasn’t been refuted yet and is very likely the real deal given all the “leaks.”

UPDATE: EA has replied to our email and can be read below.

We have not announced a ship date for Battlefield 4. Stay tuned to Battlefield.com for the official release date when it is announced.

Not that we were expecting any other reply, but that’s still their official statement, so take it for what it’s worth.

Original Story:

Last week, we reported on how the official Xbox website has seemingly outed Battlefield 4′s release date to be on October 29, 2013.

While EA has told us it doesn’t comment on rumors, the fact that EA’s German Facebook page has posted an EU release date of October 31 also gives us more reason to believe that the October 29 is the actual release date for U.S. players. For those not familiar with how game releases work, EU games are normally behind a good two days compared to American release windows — a fact that makes both October 29 and 31 release dates more and more likely.

Now, we might finally have one more confirmation that all but seals the deal short of an official release announcement from EA.

Mega-retailer GameStop has seemingly released a promo poster that once again outs October 29 as Battlefield 4′s release date for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, which you can see above. In addition, it also mentions the pre-order exclusive dog tags which are known to be the real deal.

While we’re filing this one under the rumor section till we hear an official word back from both GameStop or EA, this release schedule is looking more legit by the day. Not only when you factor in the leaks, but add in the fact that EA’s “big guns” for the holiday shopping season are almost-always released on the last Tuesday of October.

Stay tuned for further updates, and once we hear back from either GameStop or EA we will update the post accordingly.

Thanks, Examiner

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