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With Battlefield 4’s release date looming over the horizon, we’ve compiled some fresh info for shooter fans today. In an interview with…

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With Battlefield 4’s release date looming over the horizon, we’ve compiled some fresh info for shooter fans today.

In an interview with DICE executive producer Patrick Bach, YouTube personality Jackfrags managed to get a few pressing concerns answered.

First up, let’s tackle the bad news first. Bach has confirmed that there are no plans for submarines in BF4’s vanilla (base) game. He also reveals that dynamic weather — as seen in the Paracel Storm map — won’t be in all maps. Instead, they’re relying on Levolution in these maps to make it more dynamic.

Additionally, Bach also confirmed that Battlecorder won’t be a feature for next-gen consoles, there’s “no point” since the PS4 and Xbox One has them built in.

Read up on the rest of the info we compiled in this 24-minute interview in bulletpoint form below.

– Netcode: You can’t have a game like BF with vehicles, players, etc.  and have a “perfect” netcode since it’s very, very hard to do that. Bach: We’re looking at ways to make things snappier and faster

– High Value Target mechanica — Option for Commanders to use this feature, and “paint” an individual, and actual figures not set yet.

– Servers without Commanders will be an option

-Submarine: No plans in having submarines in vanilla game

– Dynamic weather won’t be in all maps

– Gamescom build – Had everything turned on (attachments, camos, etc.) for guns, but not 100percent sure

– Patches and updates for BF3 — Will the “politics” (both consoles makers being more friendly towards indies, and updates) mean faster updates for BF4?Bach: Yes, more or less immediately but certificatron still needsto pass through Microsoft and Sony

– Moving some of the info to the server-side, so DICE can update theservers daily/weekly

– Battlecorder — No point of building Battlecorder for next-gen “gen 4″ consoles since they have it built in.

– On one map you can take down a levee, which floods the map. Different  things on different maps, taking out a dam will create a dust cloud. (Seen in Levolution trailer)

– BF4 dialog — Yes, more or less have been re-recorded. Up (better) the quality, adding Chinese army dialog, remodeled characters for classes, using some lines that are “iconic” from BF3.

– Dinos: Bach comments that it’s “interesting but focusing on BF4. But you never know whathappens.”

– Customization: Decals (emblems) and camos can be put on your, gun, vehicles

Mouse sensitivity: ADS sensitivity, will we get a slider — Not planned, but if really necessary, they will take a look into it.

Bach also states that Battlefield 4 is “the most balanced” Battlefield game DICE has ever created. Of course we don’t know the answer to that and have to wait until it’s in everyone’s hands first before judging.

You can watch the entire 24-minute clip below.

So what do you make of the new info we have so far? Shame about the netcode, but to be honest, I don’t notice it that much. Regarding submarines, I’d expect DICE might have something up their sleeve when it comes to that once they release the naval expansion which they’ve already announced as part of BF4 Premium.

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