Battlefield 4 map names and images for all 10 base maps revealed

Remember when we reported that lengthy Battlefield 4 post showing some of the unannounced maps derived from screenshots from the “This is Battlefield” trailer?

Well, it seems some of that info was spot on, as the name and what seems to images of the 10 base multiplayer maps are now known.

Posted on NeoGAF (tipped to us by our good friends at DRMB), listed below are the map names and images.

Unfortunately, aside from the info above, that’s all we know so far. Hopefully, DICE or EA will reveal official info about them soon. Maybe official descriptions perhaps or actual flanking routes? If so, let’s hope they also detail what sort of “Levolution” feature each map will have.

What your initial thoughts on the maps so far? Excited or disappointed that it seems we don’t have an Operation Metro equivalent (at first glance) in Battlefield 4?

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