Battlefield 4 has “Battlefield Friends” as an Easter Egg, video captures hilarious banter

Hank and Jed’s popular “Battlefield Friends” have made it into Battlefield 4! Many were curious about why their names had appeared during the credits, and now we know…

In the video above, you can listen to the YouTube-famous squad bicker with each other, discussing such things as the true relevance of moving rocks on a battlefield!

It’s an awesome Easter Egg, and it’s great to see the much-loved Hank and Jed making an appearance in the game.

Who knows what secrets are still to be found in the epic Battlefield 4? Keep your eyes peeled for more discoveries made by the community!

If you somehow haven’t heard of Hank and Jed, then make sure you check them out here. Hilarious videos that are now DICE approved!