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This is Chris Anderson, formerly of Don’t Revive Me Bro and last week I had the extreme honor to represent Pixel Enemy at…

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This is Chris Anderson, formerly of Don’t Revive Me Bro and last week I had the extreme honor to represent Pixel Enemy at E3 in L.A. I was flown out to play Battlefield 4 hands-on and record exclusive gameplay for PE, which you can see above.

The game was set-up as a 66 player multiplayer PC LAN (64 players and 2 commanders). We got situated, checked out the kits, and dropped into the game. As you’ve seen from the trailers, Battlefield 4 looks incredible. From the water, to the sky, the Frostbite Engine takes lighting and realism to the next level. This is a game you want to play just to walk around in and take in the sights. Reflections bounce off water and walls, bullets leave holes in everything, and by the end, the whole map is covered in a fine powder of dust from the falling skyscraper.

The kits have been expanded with more equipment and options for both primary and secondary weapons. While we had limited unlocks available to us, I did get to try out C4, ammo and med packs. One thing that may disappoint those with explosive personalities is that you can’t throw C4. It piddles out of your hand and even grenades can only be thrown about 30 feet. I expect both of these to be remedied in the final game, but for now, its hard to get those satisfying kills (Note: it has been confirmed that C4 can be thrown again).

On the opposite side, recoil is more pronounced for every weapon. RPGs almost jerk out of your hand and aiming down sights and spraying will get you nothing but suppression bonuses. Tanks and other vehicles seem to be fairly unchanged and still drive and shoot with satisfying ease.

My only major complaints were the few minor bugs I came across. They are so glaring that I’m not even going to mention them as of course they will be fixed since it is a pre-alpha build, after all. Speaking of, the  closed alpha is out now for select Battlefield Veterans and I can confirm that they have indeed been fixed.

Battlefield 4 will continue BF3′s tradition of huge scale combat and outstanding sights and sounds and if you are a fan of Battlefield you should be eagerly awaiting the game’s release on October 29 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, with the game’s next-gen counterparts’ release date still yet to be revealed.

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