Battlefield 4: GameStop ad mentions the return of “Commander” mode, mentions three playable factions

While last week’s “GameStop” poster leak for Battlefield 4 was debunked by GameStop themselves, it seems we have another one on our hands and is more legitimate since it’s already on GameStop stores.

YouTube user luger700 (via MP1st) spotted a promo poster in his local GameStop and fortunately for us, he managed to capture it on video. The promo poster, which is plastered on cashier monitors, mentions some of the key features BF4 has which are:

Frostbite 3: Destructible environments and buildings!
3 playable factions – Russia, China and United States
All our war! Vehicle combat and “Commander Mode” returns
Get access to the first expansion for FREE with reservation. $10 dollar value!

The juicy bit here is, of course, the mention of “Commander” Mode, which was a highly-requested feature in Battlefield 3 that wasn’t implemented by DICE. Commander was last seen in Battlefield 2, and it gave a person an overview of the map, where he/she was tasked in giving squads others and other stuff.

Of course, depending on whom you ask, Commander was either a useful tool in BF2 or something that a lot of people didn’t know how to actually use effectively.

One other important bit is the mention of three playable factions with the U.S., Russia and China being mentioned, which falls in line with earlier rumors.

We’ve contacted GameStop to see what they make of this, but seeing as it is seen on their stores themselves, I gather the info are accurate — though things that haven’t been revealed by EA officially yet.

If indeed true, are you glad that Commander is making a return? Also, which faction will you start out with?