Battlefield 4: First-ever PS4 gameplay footage surfaces, hands-on suggest “nothing to criticize”

With the next-gen consoles stepping things up immensely in the graphics department, many gamers have been wondering how exactly the visuals on the new consoles will compare to PC.

User “Random” has reported on that, after having played Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4, “there’s just nothing to criticize.” The game “ran at a smooth 60 fps looking amazing the entire time [with] no sign of low quality textures or any issues at all.”

Random states that he usually plays on PC, as he “can’t stand” Battlefield on PS3. With the PS4 now satisfying his need for great-looking graphics, it seems safe to say that the step up from PS3 to PS4 is huge; almost PC-like apparently!

Also, IGN have just posted this footage showing the PlayStation 4 in action, running Battlefield 4:

It’s hard to tell exactly how good the game looks from the above footage; however, I don’t notice any obvious aliasing, or low quality textures. It looks very similar to the PC footage we’ve been seeing for months.

And yes, this is PS4 gameplay! As opposed to a PC with a PS4 controller plugged into it!