Battlefield 4: DICE rolling out a new server “version” for all platforms, downtime expected

In what should be good news for Battlefield 4 players, DICE has announced, via the in-game splash page, that they are rolling out new “server versions” and that downtime and connection issues are to be expected.

It states, “We’er deploying a new server version in the upcoming hours. You might experience some downtime in the process.”

Here’s a screengrab we took straight out of the PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 main game menu:


This applies to all versions, and this is what you’ll see from Battlelog for the PC version (click to see the entire image):


Hopefully, this alleviates some of the technical issues the game has experienced on the server front. By this, I mean the rubber-banding, crashes and other issues that DICE can fix on their end.

In more BF4 news, DICE has rolled out the PS4 patch yesterday which fixes one of the “one-hit” kill bugs, but has yet to fix the other.

Let us know how the game is once the server update has been rolled out.

PC Battlelog image courtesy of Reddit