Battlefield 4 creative director understands and underestimated console gamers

Battlefield has primarily been a PC title but DICE has showed that it can also work on consoles with games like Battlefield Bad Company and Battlefield 3.

However, with Battlefield 4 DICE is going to change that. Battlefield 4 creative director Lars Gustavsson noted that the studio is focusing more on the console experience.

When we did Modern Combat on PS2 and Xbox, it was our first console experience. Then we did Bad Company 1. In some areas we were dumbing it down too much, and we underestimated console gamers.”

We’ve come to realise that it’s [the console market] definitely that ‘hardcore’ audience that’s in line with the PC crowd,” he explained. ”Obviously it changes how the game is designed and played, but working on PC has allowed us to evolve and change Frostbite.

It was always a matter of bringing that over to consoles, rather than changing it to better fit consoles.

Battlefield 4 is a firs-person action shooter developed by DICE For PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS3, and Xbox 360.