Battlefield 4 China Rising weapon and gadgets footage leaked

The release of the first client patch for Battlefield 4 on the PC has allowed some users to get access to the new weapons and gadgets which are set to be included in the Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC.

The footage below shows off gameplay from private servers which showcase the new weapons and gadgets from the DLC which is due to release for Premium members on December 3rd, with non-premium members getting their hands on it 2 weeks later.

From the videos we can see that the weapons set to be included will be the L96A1 sniper rifle, MTAR-21 carbine, MP7 PDW, RPK-74M LMG and the L85A2 assault rifle. There are also a few glimpses of the SUAV and UCAV.

This was obviously a mistake from DICE and according to Battlelog they are rolling out server patch R10 to fix some crashing issues that users are facing. They have also said that anyone getting an error regarding the China Rising DLC when trying to join a server should try a different one.

We are seeing a lot of server crashes at the moment. These are being solved by rolling out a new server patch on PC (Server Update R10). It will take a few hours for this new server version to propagate, but it should be with most servers in a matter of a couple of hours. If you are getting error messages referring to the China Rising expansion pack when trying to join a multiplayer server, please try another server. This error will only appear if a server has not yet updated from server version R9 to R10.

Let us know what you guys think to the footage, are you pleased with some of the new weapons that we will be getting? A few of them there weren’t too shabby in Battlefield 3 I thought.

Source: BattlelogMP1st