Battlefield 4 Beta gets new patch, “fixes” crashes

The Battlefield 4 Beta has been plagued with various different performance issues and it has been announced today by Vincent0K, the global community manager, that the PC version will be getting a second patch today which is around 55MB in size.

The update for the second beta patch is set to include the following changes:

  • Two fixes for the long/permanent loading times
  • Various improvements in performance for users running quad core or six core CPU’s
  • Fixed a crash that happened for some dual core CPU users after loading
  • Fixed a crash relating to DirectX10 graphics cards
  • Various stability fixes
  • Various crash fixes

I for one am one of those that have been struggling for performance on my quad core CPU, and I’m hoping that I don’t have to upgrade my card, which is currently a GTX 460, to get a decent match in Battlefield 4 going. At the minute I get around 40FPS with everything turned to low, so hopefully this patch fixes a few things.

The performance issues have been affecting those with even the most powerful machines though so it will be interesting to see if this patch helps them out as well as those with the slightly outdated hardware.

Source: Battlefieldo