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In a press release sent today, EA has once again opened a can of Battlefield 4 info for shooter fans and this…

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In a press release sent today, EA has once again opened a can of Battlefield 4 info for shooter fans and this time, it details the weapons players will use in DICE’s upcoming shooter.

First up, DICE has announced that with everything from optics, accessories and camos, players will have more than 240,000 variations for each weapon.

Speaking of camos, DICE has also confirmed that these will be divided into different sections which are:  Autumn, Desert, Naval, Snow, Urban and Woodland, and these paints will come in 16 different patterns each.  Additionally,  they are introducing “Adaptive Camos, which will “adapt” to the environment in the level you’re playing.

Fighting at sea on the Paracel Storm map, the adaptive camo will make you blend in with the blues, greys and greens on the level. If you were to bring the same adaptive camo to a more urban map like Siege of Shanghai, the camo would be more grey/black in tone when you spawn into the map.

Don’t forget that camos can also be implemented on vehicles, too. So if you want a specific camo to be the vehicle you’re in, just equip it and hop inside the vehicle as the driver.

Another thing DICE has given more info on are “Battle Pickups.” These are weapons that can be picked up from maps and are extremely powerful. Now DICE has confirmed that Battle Pickups will be in “all” maps and in most game modes.

Battle Pickups: These powerful weapons will be placed on specific parts of all the maps in most game modes, and knowledge of these can swing the battle in your favor. Take the .50 cal sniper rifle on the Paracel Storm map, for example. This Battle Pickup will affect both the battle and the player in certain ways. This sniper rifle can be found on the radar dish walkway high above the battlefield – the perfect spot for some sniping practice. The idea is to emphasize the strategic value of a specific position in question to the player, and to incite players to try out new types of gameplay. So even if you don’t spawn in on Paracel Storm as a Recon soldier, maybe the sniper rifle Battle Pickup will make you take the role of a sniper, at least momentarily. The area around Battle Pickups will also turn into minor hot spots for the map and create new and dynamic gameplay moments. But be advised: All Battle Pickups have limited ammo, so you need to make every shot count.

Lastly, DICE has also given us an official look on how guns can be customized in BF4. So, if you’re a gun nut, you’ll like the 55-second video below that showcases the sights, barrel attachments and more available in the game.

That’s certainly a lot of customization options to go through and this doesn’t even include emblems, dog tags and soldier skins.

What gun loadout will you rock in BF4? Personally, I like being a stealthy bastard and always equip the suppressor to sneak up on unsuspecting squads.

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