UPDATE: Battlefield 4 alpha data leak mentions “Obliteration,” “Playground” and “Elimination” game modes

UPDATE: Here’s what an official EA rep had to say:

The Alpha Trial runs the classic Conquest mode, and Battlefield 4 will see some exciting new game modes as well. Names found in the Alpha code do not necessarily represent the final game. We’ll keep you informed when we have more details to share.

Not an outright denial, nor is it a confirmation, either. My guess is these game modes will be in the final game, but the actual names might be placeholders for now.

Original Story:

There has been a paste made on Pastebin which shows a “Dumb of Info” according to the title. It is basically someone reverse engineering the Battlefield 4 alpha to find whats inside of it. The paste shows that in some of the game’s data files there is a list of gamemodes that we might see when the game releases.

There are the usual conquest, tdm, etc. gamemodes listed however two that we haven’t seen before, these are “19.888 mp_npx_playground_prefab“, “10.528 mp_npx_elimination_prefab” and “32.608 mp_npx_obliteration_prefab“. For those of you that have no idea what I’m going on about that basically boils down to “Playground”, “Elimination” and “Obliteration” game modes.

It is important to keep in mind however that this is a very early alpha version of the game and so there’s a very big possibility that things might change once the game’s officially out. Either that, or these are placeholder names for new game modes, but from the list, it seems like it’s not since it’s lumped up with Rush, Conquest and the other game modes the franchise is known for.

We’ve reached out to EA for an official comment and will upgrade the story once they’ve responded.

What do you think these game modes will be? Speculate in the comments below.