Battlefield 4 adds “Critical Hit” vehicle disabling mechanic, full details revealed

In a press release sent by EA, DICE have revealed that a new mechanic will be implemented into Battlefield 4 which will completely change how the vehicles work from Battlefield 3. In the previous installment to the series, vehicles would be disabled once the vehicle damage dropped below 50%, preventing the vehicle from moving and removing any sort of health regeneration for the vehicle.

The new system in Battlefield 4, “Critical hit,” takes into consideration the final damage that was dealt with each hit, looking at the angle and zone. If the damage output is high enough then it will be classed as a critical hit, and will cause the vehicle to act like it did in Battlefield 3, disabling tracks in tanks and losing control if you’re in an aircraft. They have now changed this to be a temporary effect though, and the vehicle will recover after a few seconds.

They have made sure to carefully tweak the critical hit damage threshold, alongside the damage zones and glancing-hit scaling on each vehicle, promoting smart play for the both the vehicle operator and those taking the anti-vehicle role.

DICE are hoping that the new mechanism still brings the danger of a disabled vehicle whilst still allowing the brave drivers to stick at it and regain control of the vehicle so that they can act before things get too out of hand and keep in the fight.