Battlefield 2143 Easter Egg Found In Battlefield 3 End Game

DICE hiding Easter Eggs in Battlefield 3′s DLCs are nothing new. But could this gem hidden in Battlefield 3′s End Game expansion mean more than just your standard tease?

In End Game’s Kaisar Railroad map, players can come across what appears to be a UD-6 Talon, which is a vehicle that represent the Gunship on the European side of Battlefield 2142.

You can check a video of it hovering below.

While we already know DICE’s next Battlefield game is Battlefield 4, could this tease mean that they’re working on Battlefield 2143 for next-gen consoles, too? If not that, maybe this is one of the expansions planned for BF4? Obviously, all we can do now is speculate, but for old-school Battlefield fans, there might be hope for yet another BF game with Titan mode in it.

Would you want DICE’s next game to be Battlefield 2143? Or should they just ready this one as an expansion for Battlefield 4?