Avalanche Studios: no one’s “complaining” that you can’t trade iOS games

he co-founder and CTO of Avalanche Studios, Linus Blomberg, has spoken out in favor of the widely debated preowned games fee.

Blomberg believes that the economies in games are changing, and that they need to do so in order to remain sustainable. According to him, if second hand games boost the incomes of AAA game developers, then games would eventually become cheaper. So it all comes down to how much the actual fee is.

This, kind of, makes sense. But it isn’t the highlight of Blomberg’s statement. He very eloquently stated, “No one’s complaining about not being able to trade iOS games. Naturally that’s because they are much cheaper.”

What Mr Blomberg is forgetting is that iOS games aren’t simply “much cheaper”. Like one reader said, they cost less than a cup of Starbucks coffee, and a lot of them are actually free. Comparing $60 games to $0.99 games is rather strange. Besides, small apps and games that are solely digital cannot be compared to AAA games that are actually available on discs.

No one complains about not being able to trade Kindle books either because those who don’t want to do that, have the option of buying, borrowing, and selling hard copies. Then again, we don’t expect a developer to speak out against something that they’re looking forward to receiving a slice of.

Source: GamingBolt