Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag secret could hint at future settings for the series

Ubisoft could be hinting at future settings in its latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed series.

Found in the fictional offices of Abstergo Entertainment, loosely based on Ubisoft itself, players can find an email chain between the company’s top executives with a list of suggested locations for ancestors of the game’s central character Desmond Miles.

Some of them have been seen before, like the Eighteenth Century in Assassin’s Creed 3. But it’s what we haven’t seen before that could hint at where the series goes next.

“My team and I have been able to cobble together a rough list of the most interesting time periods available to us through this single genetic sample [that would be Desmond, of course],” an early email reads. “Remember, this is data that has already been FULLY or PARTIALLY sequenced by Abstergo Industries. I’ll try to be brief…

Patrilineal line

Fifteenth century – Italian Renaissance [Ezio]

Sixteen Century – Ottoman Empire [AC: Revelations]

Eighteenth Century – American Colonies/ War for Independance [AC3]

Nineteenth Century – New England and American Midwest

Matrilineal line

Twelfth Century – Holy Land/ Crusades [Altaïr]

Thirteenth Century – Egypt and Northern Africa

Fourteenth Century – Ashikaga Shogunate in Japan

Eighteenth Century – French Revolution

Nineteenth Century – Napoleonic Wars/ Taiwan

Twentieth Century – ‘Summer of Love’ American Pacific Coast”

Ubisoft has mentioned a few of the settings before in marketing surveys to see the response to theoretical sequels.

Via: Official Xbox Magazine