Arma 3 release dated for September

We reported yesterday about Arma 3 receiving three DLC packs to give you the single-player campaign and now Bohemia Interactive have announced the release date for Arma 3. It’s not all that far off, as you will only have to wait another month until the September 12th release date that has been set.

To launch the countdown the Arma 3 development team will be holding a livestream on their Twitch TV channel, which will be Saturday August 10th at 17.00 UTC. The livestream will be live from Bohemia Interactive HQ in Prague and is expected to last for one hour. For those of you that don’t want to miss you can already enlist for the event on their Facebook page.

They have also launched a “Countdown to launch” website, where players can find a complete overview of the content that will be available in Arma 3, as well as descriptions and screenshots.