Arma 3: Bohemia confirms Oculus Rift support is something we’d like to explore, thinks Arma 3 would fit it very well

Arma 3: Bohemia confirms Oculus Rift support is something ?we?d like to explore,? thinks Arma 3 would ?fit very well? 

Could Bohemia Interactive?s Arma 3 include Oculus Rift in the future once it?s released? 

In an exclusive Q&A interview, Bohemia Interactive has not ruled the possibility out. When asked if they?ve considered adding Oculus Rift support for Arma 3, Project Lead Joris-Jan van?t Land confirmed that they do have an Oculus Rift dev kit, and that they think Arma 3 would ?fit very well? with the device. 

We have at least one development kit available to us and we agree Arma 3 would fit it very well. One key reason is the full body simulation. We are not using a detached floating camera and when you look down, you see your whole body. This makes it a good match with devices like Oculus Rift. As soon as some of our programmers have time, it?s something we’d like to explore.

As someone who plays a lot of shooters, adding Oculus Rift support to Arma 3 would definitely add to the game?s realism?and one I think a lot of players would embrace with open arms. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for our entire interview that?s set to go up later this week. In it, Bohemia talks about the current FPS landscape, developing for next-gen platforms and a lot more. 

Would you buy an Oculus Rift just to play shooters? If so, what would your preferred shooting game be?