American McGee starts concept art for Alice: Otherland

The confirmed release is not official, but American McGee has already started drawing up some concept art for a third installment in the Alice series. Shown on his Facebook page today, the art features some sketches from Alice: Madness Returns that they used as a touchstone, and McGee stated they have just had their first meeting with their Art Department to “discuss style and tone for rendering the new game.”

We’ve already seen the title image for this post earlier this month and it left us salivating for more.

Earlier this week McGee released a concept image for how he imagined a Kickstarter backer reward might look like for Alice: Otherland. (We’ve previously reported on how the third installment would most likely be a Kickstarter project if he goes ahead.) McGee describes the art as follows:

*If* we get to do a 3rd “Alice” game – which is still a very big if – I just realized something like this would make for the ultimate Kickstarter backer reward. This concept image was done years ago – at the start of Alice 2 production – and depicts my idea for the retail box I thought “Alice: Madness Returns” game should have sold in. That idea obviously didn’t happen. But hey, yesterday’s crushed dream is today’s inspiration.

Yes, that’s a Cheshire cat head in a box.

We’re watching this one closely, and more than confident there will be a third installment for the mad heroine.

With this much noise already, it’s hard to imagine it won’t happen.