Amazon poll asking gamers their console preference has been taken down

Not long ago, we shared an Amazon poll with our readers that the company was running to see whether users prefer the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The last time we checked, 94.6% people preferred the PS4 and only 5.4% opted for the Xbox One.

In a rather strange move, Amazon has abruptly taken down the poll. Gadget Review reported yesterday that the poll had a little over seven days left before it was complete. Apparently, Amazon first reduced the polling time by 50%, and then subsequently, removed the poll completely.

We’ve checked the link just now to verify this claim, and it appears that the poll has indeed been taken down. However, the Facebook post is still there, asking users to vote (the link no longer works).

Amazon hasn’t offered an explanation for this, but the internet community believes that Microsoft was a little unhappy with the poll. What do our readers think?