Amazon details next-gen $10 “upgrade” program for Xbox 360 to Xbox One

Planning on picking up games coming out for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One? If so, you might want to take advantage of Amazon’s $10 “upgrade” offer to save a few bucks and then some.

Over on Amazon, the online retailer has detailed its $10 program valid for a host of titles available later this year.

Until December 31, 2013 or while supplies last, trade in a select Xbox 360 game and get a $25 bonus credit toward the same title on Xbox One in addition to your trade-in value of at least $25. These special trade-in values are good for a limited time as quantities are limited.

How to redeem this offer:
1. Order your qualifying Xbox 360 game.
2. When you are ready to upgrade, select the Xbox 360 from the list below and submit your trade in.
3. Send in your item for processing following the instructions provided.
4. Wait for your item to be received and graded.
5. When your trade in is accepted, add a qualifying Xbox One game to your cart.
6. Your bonus credit will be applied automatically to your purchase.

Just in case you have questions, Amazon has also released a list of FAQs, too.

I bought my Xbox 360 game somewhere else. Does this program apply to me?
Yes. As long as you trade in the Xbox 360 version with Amazon and buy the Xbox One version from Amazon, this program will apply to you.

Does it have to be the same title on Xbox 360 and Xbox One?
Yes. You have to trade in your Xbox 360 game for the Xbox One version of the same title in order to take advantage of this program.

What about special editions of the game?
You can trade in any Xbox 360 version of the game for which there is a valid trade-in offer and you will get the $25 bonus credit toward the same title on Xbox One. You may use that credit toward a special edition for Xbox One, but your upgrade may cost more than $9.99.

Can I trade in a PS3 game for the Xbox One version? What about an Xbox 360 game for a PS4 version?
No. This program only applies when you trade an Xbox 360 game for the same title on Xbox One.

Can I trade in multiple Xbox 360 games through this program?
You can upgrade each eligible Xbox 360 game to an Xbox One version of the same title, but you can’t upgrade any single title more than once.

How do I trade in the Xbox 360 version if it hasn’t been released yet?
These titles will release between late August and November. Once you purchase the Xbox 360 title, you have until December 31, 2013 to trade in the Xbox 360 title and receive the $25 bonus toward the Xbox One version.

You can also read up on the terms & conditions here.

Remember that for some games like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts,w will allow character data to be migrated from current-gen to the next, too.

Are you planning on double-dipping with some games or would you rather save that $10 and just get the next-gen version instead?