launches digital download service for PC and Mac games

Amazon’s UK site has launched a digital download service for PC and Mac games. You can now find major titles like Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, and Mass Effect 3 on the site’s Game Download Store.

The service also offers smaller, digital-only games like The Cave and Trials Evolution. And then there’s DLC too, like Battlefield 3′s map expansions. Free-to-play games haven’t been left out either. You can actually pay real money to buy in-game items from the new storefront. The team at Amazon have said that they plan to price their items competitively. That’s actually a wise decision in presence of Steam and Origin.

Buyers will have a digital library from where they can re-download the games that they’ve purchased. Pre-orders can also be placed, with games being available as soon as they’re released.

Competition is a good thing. We hope to see some prices slashed soon!

Via Eurogamer