Activision on Call of Duty: Success comes with “big new innovations”

It’s hard to argue that the most influential game this generation was — and still is — Activision’s Call of Duty franchise.

While the multi-million selling FPS is loved by retailers and Activision stockholders alike, some gaming fans aren’t that thrilled with the series’ annual iterations.

So far I think we’ve found a very nice cadence with our Call of Duty community and the demand and the supply of new content is in a pretty good balance. The games have gotten increasingly long tails and people have shown a year-round appetite to keep playing multiplayer and for the new content that we release with DLC packs to enhance those experiences.

We’ve been able to have success with new games as long as they have big new innovations that have a big appeal to our fans. We’ve found the right cadence.

It’s easy to look at Hirshberg’s statement and laugh it off as corporate speak, but could he be right? Maybe one of the reasons Call of Duty is so popular is because it always brings something new to the table for its fans?

Do you agree with his statement or is the franchise a product of being the right franchise being in the right time in the right generation?