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Xbox One to be released on November 27 — Rumor

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So an interesting email arrived in my inbox tonight.

The above message from Amazon states that they received my Xbox One order and are preparing it for shipment. Now, this is not unusual, but whenever you get this message, it means Amazon has usually billed you for your purchase.

Another thing to note is the date. We reported on a potential November 27th release date before and now it looks like that might be the case.

Obviously, this is just a rumor (estimated delivery) and may amount to nothing, but the email piqued my curiosity.

We have reached out to Microsoft and will let you know if/when we hear back.

2 comments on “Xbox One to be released on November 27 — Rumor

  1. *smh* amazon knows Microsoft is shipping in november. the 27th is the last day in november any store would expect a shipment. stores are closed on the 28th, 29th is black friday, 30th is a saturday. No one ever ships a console on a saturday, and Microsoft would be idiots to not have their box in stores before Black friday, and in order to do that stores would have to get them in by wednesday the 27th. so amazon is saying not that the console will launch on the 27th but that that would be the last possible day in November (the stated window) to expect your console. I am more willing to believe that microsoft will launch day and date of Call of Duty as to get the hard core call of duty fans to buy the system, otherwise they would be forced to purchase call of duty for the 360 or have to wait a few weeks to play it. and if microsoft has taught me anything is that time is precious, otherwise why make timed exclusive content deals?


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