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Xbox 360 dashboard update raises game prices

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In a final “fuck you” from Microsoft, they’ve knocked up the game prices in their new update. I encouraged you all to download it recently, so you may pelt me with your rocks.

When I jumped on for some early hour gaming today, I was almost insulted by the price change. Here’s a little insight from Reddit:

400MSP games now cost £4.49 (but 400MSP will convert to £3.33)

800MSP games now cost £8.99 (but 800MSP = £6.66)

1200MSP games now cost £11.99 (but 120MSP = £10)

1600MSP games now cost £14.99 (but 1600MSP = £13.33)

So thoughts? Rage? It’s only a little jump but it’s the principle, right? This does put the prices in line with PSN prices, so there’s that.

11 comments on “Xbox 360 dashboard update raises game prices

  1. Yay…another idiotic, misinforming flame article.

    MS…and smart XBOX owners…have always defended the points system, because this is what happens when you convert to local currencies. Fanboys and morons will bltch regardless, because it’s MS, and it can be twisted into something negative. But the fact is, Sony has been doing this to gamers for YEARS, and nobody was complaining. Now I’m pissed at all the whiny little f@gs who ruined it for those of us who knew what we were getting, and how to capitalize on the system. I can no longer buy up MS pt cards from Amazon and Newegg, when they’re on temp discounts.

    F’ing idiots….

    • I like the part where you accuse somebody of writing a “misinforming flame article” and then proceed to call people “whiny little f@gs”. Keepin’ it classy, age 12 style.

  2. @THWIP71
    So Microsoft chooses to raise prices and that’s somehow the consumers fault? Why couldn’t Microsoft convert the points price to the equivalent price in currency? Surely this would make their existing advantageous pricing position more obvious and therefore more attractive to consumers compared to PSN?

    You act like Microsoft had the points system setup to make money magically appear out of thin air to compensate for the lower costs on their service. That’s not how it works. If costs are lower, that means that someone in the chain is taking a hit to offer you better value as an incentive. A currency change doesn’t immediately prevent them from continuing to offer such incentives.

    I know for a fact that staff at one major supermarket chain are given 10% discount (sometimes 20%) on XBL points, and they will continue to be given such discounts on XBL real currency, just like they already get on PSN real currency (yes, I’ve been paying £45 or £40 for £50 PSN cards for years). If they can take the such hits, then Microsoft has no excuse for making such changes.

    Even if it isn’t necessarily unfavourable compared to the competition, Microsoft still needs all the good publicity they can get right now, and stuff like this isn’t helping at all.

  3. Sorry but Playstation has always had lower prices than XBOX. If you have Playstation Plus… YOU GET SO MANY FREE GAMES ITS BETTER THAN STEAM!

  4. MS has always over charged for items in the past, just ask the poor people who purchased the wi-fi connector with the original 360 that MS supplied. Also, lets face it, Live has shifted away from being gamer focused over a year ago when they started gearing it up to be ran by Kinect and started pushing other features other than games on their service.

    Sony is hardly better, but at least they acknowledge that they need to bribe people to pay for online gaming by giving them games for free.

    Besides, how can you have any of those “game specials” if they are actually reasonably priced? This way they can hike the prices for a few extra scheckles but put things on sale to make you feel like you’re getting a great deal. It is a lovely lose-lose situation for the consumer, which just prepares you for the on-coming One that will cripple MS with their own stupidity.

  5. Bitching little $0ny N4Gtard paupers didn’t want MSP anymore, just like the always on DRM. Well they got their wish. Be careful what you wish for $0ny Ph0n3ys!
    Sucks that the Pound Sterling has such a bad exchange rate for the past year, the rest of the world actually gained money from the MSP to local currency conversion.

  6. What’s amusing about John Doe’s theory is that Sony fanboys allegedly intentionally tried to make the opposition change for the worse… and succeeded. LOL. I’d call that a win on their part. :D

  7. Games for free to playstation plus members? I found out the hard way that they are only free if you pay for the plus membership. When your plus expires and you revert to a free member, all the games given for “free” revert to TRIAL only. When Microsoft gives away free games, they are YOURS. You own them and they don’t take them back if you revert to silver (free member). Sony has a terrible reputation for not revealing the “catch” in the fine print in so many things they do.

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